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Aurora is my real name

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YES I MET KO!! (:iconumbralhorror:)

Hello my friends,
the aim of this journal is to tell you that believing in yourself no matter what, really works.
If you want to succeed in something you have to work very hard, but the good news is that you can do almost everything if you do so.
Nothing is impossible in life but almost everything IS NOT EASY. This is part of the fun, believe me, you won't enjoy anything in life if you never tried to fight for something you strongly wish.
I really want to tell (beg) you all: never give up, NEVER!
If you want to realize your dream, just work on it and don't mind how tough or far the goal is, just make your efforts, even if it's little. Even the biggest houses started with one single brick!
I'm saying this because lately I saw some (too many!) journals from my friends discouraged for something in their life or that they lost their creativity (oh come on everyone felt like that at least once). Please friends, DON'T LOSE HOPE!!

Excuse me if now I start to talk about myself, but this is my journal and I can do it =D

Ok, seriously, I'm going to recap my last 3 months to you, but for a reason, don't close the page now, please XD
Many (most) of you know that I am Italian, an extremely great Country I must say, but with very low opportunities for young people.
Since I'm already 21 (almost 22, sorry if I shock you, but I'm sadly not a teenager ='() I decieded to leave my house and my family and move to London. I have to inform you that I've always been the laziest girl in the world before.

I made that decision oh, how is that I love that word so much? almost a year ago, the "little" problem is that I was unemployed and with no money (because I was lazy, yeah!). I had the luck to find a job from November to January  2014, and after waiting until THE MIDDLE OF APRIL 2014 to receive the money to spend in the craziest plan I ever had, I decided that I would have left Italy the 9th of June.
I started preparing myself really seriously (with the great help of my dearest friend Internet of course) and praying (yes, a lot). My studies were mostly orientated in learning English in order to find a job.
Please don't say: "but your English is good.." or similars...
Speaking is another kettle of fish! When I first landed in London I felt like I could not speak English at all!!!

I FELT MANY TIMES THE WEIGHT OF REALITY BURDEN ME and saying: "What the heck are you up to? You never succeded in anything in your life"

....fair enough my dear conscience!!

It was an overhelming feeling because the failure of my plan (and loss of all my money) would have influenced my whole life. In other words if I had failed my plan I would not have had the courage to try anything else in my life...a critical situation, but I decided to believe in myself (and in the guidance of God u.u).
All of this always trying to be stoic in front of everyone, even my parents, because I hate to show fear <.<

I am the kind of person that never had anything in life, but I must admit that this time I had the luck that neither my rich friends had. My aunt living in London. It was great that she accepted to host me in her house for 21 days, she was no close aunt for me and she is a veeery busy woman.

After 2 weeks in London I was still without a job (OF COURSEE!!) and I felt like crying almost once a day. But damn, I do not want anyone to know it!! XD
And every work I tried to apply for was so boooring!
Until one day I found (10 min far from home) an art shop. AN ART SHOP GUYS!!!
It was great, selling tons of brilliant fine products for artists  (so damn expensive). I was determinated to find a job in London just for affording those lovely products.
Only the idea to work in such place was like the pinnacle of joy of life and heaven XD
I decided to try. To try asking them to work in that art shop. >:|
I spent almost 3 days trying to write a suitable CV and a Cover (love) Letter.

And after a week they called me!!

That meant that I found a job in 20 days in a place that was my habitat, working a lot with E-Bay and the sites (and photoshop).
And then I found a home. (a room to be precise, due to the prices in London orz)
In just a month I managed to have so much!! But it was hard, believe me, it still is, I live in a room just a little bigger that a bed, I draw I write, I sleep and I eat in my bed, but this is my starting point, I did it, all alone. With my own strength.
Just a month before I had my mother doing everything for me. XD
I can not describe how happy I am now. Fighting for something and managing to get it is the best thing that can happen in life. Art is also like that. Is the result of years of struggles with perspective, nature and portraits XD

Then as I said in the title I had the honour to met Ko!! Twice!!
We even went to a funfair, expecially in one attracion called Tornado. It is a quite extreme attraction, normally people is afraid of it, but Ko is brave, she showed no sign of fear XD
This is the attraction…
It was great....Everything about that day was great!
She even gave me some presents!

A Chaos Tachyon Dragon??? I couldn't express my joy and surprise!!!
And all the cards are in beautiful Zexal sleeves (one with the photo of tachyon).
I did not even know that she knew who Ichiro is. TT.TT you almost made me cry of joy Ko!!
Before the end of our first meeting we did a friendly drawing challenge, in a park. It was just about drawing something...AND WE JUST DREW THE SAME DAMN THING!!! XD

(version with both signatures)
She did her own drawing in a couple of minutes, I spent ages on mine because I had no pencils, so I had to do everyting with a blue biro pen and her black ink pen TT.TT
Now I want to ask a BIG favour to some of my watchers (friends).
In particular the German ones... I've been studying German for 9 years at school. And now I'm not practicing it anymore TT.TT
Will you please help me? Just write to me in German and be a little patient. XD
I want to improve my written skills ^_^
I already have a B2 certification, it should not be that difficult, please help meeeeh!! XD

  • Mood: Pride
  • Listening to: Liebestraum - Franz Liszt
  • Reading: "mind the gap" written on the pavement ofa station
  • Watching: If the tube is coming

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Nefertiti97 Featured By Owner Edited 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist…

Si, me la sono proprio chiamata! XD
Non so se ti potrà piacere o meno, cmq era tanto per farti un regalino (visto k nn sono capace di farne con le mie mani ç_ç) ^-^ cmq sono sicura che piacerà + ad Ichiro che a te! XD

((questa cosa mi ha spaventata… XD))
Karontye Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohh che bellezza, non è detto che piaccia di + a Ichiro che a me XD
Grazie mille! Non ricordavo che oggi fosse il mio compleanno XDXD

Ichiro: non è vero piace di  a me, la voglio io!!!

Al massimo posso darla all'account di Mizael, ma non ce lo vedo proprio a mettersi un'icona pucciosa XD

Quindi posso mettermela su questo account??

((anche a me XD))
Nefertiti97 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ho anticipato xk temevo di nn avere tempo come l'anno passato, x novembre XD

Certo, puoi metterla dove ti aggrada di + ^-^ no problem XD

((pensavo fosse fissa, nn una gif o-o))
Karontye Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ma non ti devi sentire in dovere di darmi qualcosa x il compleanno!

Allora provo con Mizael. Per ora.
Giusto per non cambiare di nuovo icona dp 1 giorno

((e da giusto il tempo per leggere quello che c'è scritto prima di muoversi XD))
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RyoGagaga Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Say, is this girl in your icon from Syo's hide and seek? xD
Karontye Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeeees it's her!!!!
RyoGagaga Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Never knew you were into Vocaliod. 8D
Karontye Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Me neither XD JK

It's just that a friend of mine (my gakusei) made me know the song.
And the girl in the animation is so pretty!! I like how they drew her, she's perfect!
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hikariangelove Featured By Owner 5 days ago… devi assolutamente guardarlo V.v
Karontye Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
...come il solito Mizael e' un esperto con i bambini...

hikariangelove Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Pare gli abbia dato proprio fastidio vedere kaito cn i bebè XD
Karontye Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
o forse gli danno fastidio proprio i bebè
DreamsandPassion Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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Karontye Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Thank you 4 asking by the way 
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